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Note* You can copy the text on the above box or just type your words then choose the case converter option given below.

What is GogoText Case Converter Tool & how to use?

The Text GogoText Case Converter tool is a type of free tool that helps you perform string-related operations in an easy way. With the help of this Text Transformation Online Tool, you can easily convert any string to UPPERCASE, lowercase, dash-case, Title Case, camelCase, kebab-case and other cases. This tool is available for free, so you are not charged for converting any text.

To transform a string or text, you just have to paste the text in the box before, or you can also manually type the words, as you type the word, you will see that it also counts word occurrence in the paragraph. How many times words have been repeated in a paragraph. After writing a paragraph, choose the option in which form you want to convert the string according to your wish, it will show you the result in another box.

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Features Of Online Gogo Case Converter Tool

This online case converter tool full of features, with the help of this tool, you can easily analyze your paragraphs features are given below-

  • Word occurrence calculator
  • It deeply analyze the paragraph and count the number of words, sentence, reading time approx.
  • It capitalize the given string to Title Case
  • It convert string to camelCase
  • This tool also remove html tags from string online
  • Also remove spaces and line breaks online.
  • You can also search a character and replace it with any new characters.

UPPERCASE Conversion: In UPPERCASE conversion it converts all the text to UPPERCASE letter. Ex. XYZ ABC

lowercase Conversion: In lowercase letter conversion this tool converts all the text to lowercase letter. Ex. xyz shekhar sajwan

slug-case Conversion: In slug case conversion it converts all the characters to the lowercase letter as well as space replaced to dash(-). This type of conversion helpful for page URL, article URL, etc. Ex. xyz shekhar-sajwan

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