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  • What is Gogo Words Counter Tool & how to use?

    The Number Of Words Count tool is a type of free word counting tool that has been made by us with great effort. Anyone can use this tool easily, you can paste the sentence or paragraph directly or you can write each word and see the important characters, numbers in it.

    This Gogo word counter deeply analyzes the characters as you type, here you can easily see the number of characters, the number of words, the number of sentences, the number of paragraphs you write. You have to keep in mind now that this tool works only online now, for this you will have to be connected to the Internet.

    Number Of Words Count Tool

    When to use GogoText Word Counter Tool?

    In our daily life, we write a lot of texts, paragraphs, content, blogs/websites/pages/reports or publish on the internet. For this, we need to keep in mind the text, its length, important keywords, and the reading time of that paragraph so that the user can provide good content.

    With the help of this gogotext word counter tool, you can write the text of words of your article in mind. It is displayed in real-time number by counting the characters of the word.

    Features Of Online Word Character Counter Tool

    This words count tool is full of features, with the help of this online tool, you can easily analyze your paragraphs features are given below-

    • It tells us that what is an approx reading time of your text paragraph can be.
    • Count of all characters in the pargraph then shows the number of characters with space and without space in real time.
    • Also shows the number of paragraphs in the text.
    • In the text content, the 5 words whose occurence is more counted in paragraph it shows them.
    • With this tool you get free of cost, you can use it unlimited time and you can share it to your friends and family.

    FAQ - GogoText Words Counter Tool


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