Creating a Back to Eden garden from scratch.

In this essay, I’ll talk about my past gardening experience and how we started our own Back to Eden garden on the farm.

My Gardening Experience

I’ve been gardening since I was a youngster. My siblings and I had our own food and flower gardens. Every spring, we put our hands in the earth and planted. This is a throwback to my youthful gardening days.

My brother once planted jalapeño peppers that were too spicy to eat. My Granny inquired whether they were hot, and my mother, not understanding they were, said no. She ate one, and her eyes didn’t stop watering for the rest of the day.

The Traveling Garden

When I got married, one of the first things I did was dig out a tiny plot of land to start a vegetable garden. The soil was weedy, rocky, and hard to work with. That inspired me to build a raised garden bed out of cinderblocks and then another raised bed out of wood.

My garden always struggled at our former home since the yard was shadowed by so many trees, and I stuffed entirely too many plants into a limited area. My garden was relocated three times over the seven years we were there. I experienced varied degrees of success depending on the year and my dedication to nurturing it. Last year was my greatest year yet, but as usual, I overcrowded my garden plot with too many plants.

Setting up a Back to Eden garden

When we arrived to the farm in August, one of my main priorities was to plant an extra-large garden and obtain chickens before spring. After some study into various gardening techniques, I decided to give Back to Eden gardening a try.

Because our land’s soil was severely depleted from years of traditional farming and tilling, I realized we needed to do something to help heal it. The Back to Eden gardening approach felt like a good match. However, starting one, particularly one as large as ours, requires a significant amount of effort. My present garden area is 60 feet by 60 feet. Believe it or not, this is smaller than my initial concept. I know I have huge dreams, but I’m so weary of not having enough space to cultivate all I want. This year, I could have the opposite issue…

What is a Back to Eden Garden?

A Back to Eden Garden is just another term for a deep mulch gardening technique. It is intended to eliminate weeding and replace deficient soil with each passing year. The mulch decomposes over time, delivering valuable nutrients to the soil. According to what I’ve read, your garden improves with each successive year.

Supplies required for establishing a Back to Eden garden.

Weed barrier: newspaper, cardboard, etc.
Compost: yard debris or mushroom soil compost.
Mulch options include wood chips and leaf mulch, as well as damaged hay and straw.

Steps for Beginning a Back to Eden Garden

Step one: Create a weed barrier. We opted to skip this phase since the area had previously been tilled and there was a lot of crop waste in the field, which I decided to utilize as a weed barrier. I may regret my choice, but it remains to be seen.

Step two: Spread compost approximately 4 inches thick. Several weeks ago, I bought 10 cubic yards of yard waste compost to spread over the garden. I nearly purchased twenty cubic yards! Moving ten cubic yards of compost was no easy feat! It took a long time and several wheelbarrows full of compost to get everything to the garden. I first asked the truck driver if he might just drop the cargo in the garden. He didn’t want the vehicle to get bogged in the soft ground. This would have saved us a significant amount of time.

Step three: Cover with a thick layer (6-8 inches) of wood chip/leaf mulch. I got numerous free loads of wood chips from Arborists utilize the website to dispose of their wood chips and logs. It worked out well for us since we did not have to spend any money! Fortunately, the wood chips are far lighter than the compost. Moving them all to the garden, however, requires almost as much effort as composting.

Step four: wait till spring. Hopefully, we can get the remainder of our wood chips relocated to the garden before spring arrives. I’m telling you, with all of the compost and wood chips carting, we’ll be in the greatest form ever by spring.

Are you interested in establishing your own Back to Eden garden?

If you want to learn more about creating a Back To Eden garden, visit this website.

If you’ve never had a garden, maybe now is the year! Begin with a modest 4X8 or 4X12 plot. Plant delightful items like flowers and vegetables. Please let me know if you intend to start a garden this year. I want to cheer you on!

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